Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I was looking through flickr and I saw this picture and I thought this picture was funny so I wanted to share it on my blog and I also saw some other funny pictures of cats and kittens but none were as nearly as this funny



  1. This cat almost looks like a pug with those eyes! Did you add the text, or was it part of the picture when you embedded it into your blog?
    BTW - what would all of your fish say about thi cat?

  2. Love the picture, it is scary, I mean cute ;)

    I like your guinea pig too, I hope I did not overfeed him.


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  4. That kitty looks like it's looking directly at me!

  5. That's probably what I looked like last week when 4th period killed my poor little sea monkeys!

    Oh boy, it's hot. Do you want to come over and swim this weekend? We get a long weekend. Do you?